What You Should Know About NYC Sidewalk Law: Regulations and Violations

New York City’s sidewalks are part of the everyday life of its residents. Taking a walk, jogging, or pushing a stroller along the sidewalks are common and uneventful events. But there are instances that the city’s sidewalks are placed into the spotlight whenever a legal battle unfolds. Usually, this stems from violations of the law covering the damages and maintenance of New York City’s sidewalks, or known as the NYC Sidewalk Law. Knowing what the law is all about can help you avoid breaking it. The principle that ignorance of the law excuses no one comes to mind. Here the regulations and violations of the NYC Sidewalk law that you should know:

Sidewalk Regulations

There is no better way to appreciate the marvel of the city’s beauty than walking along its smoothly paved sidewalks. Regularly walking along the streets of New York City will get you acquainted with the proper pedestrian etiquette. However, that’s not all there is to know.

There are important provisions that you should remember regarding NYC’s Sidewalk Law. Under the said law, the rules and regulations on sidewalks are the following:

  • It is the responsibility of the real property owner of neighboring sidewalks to maintain the proper conditions of the sidewalk for safety purposes in accordance to Section 7-210 of the NYC Administrative Code regarding sidewalk rules to be followed and observed.

According to the same law, the above provision is not applicable for those that are one-, two- or three-family owner-occupied residential real property.

Sidewalk Violations

Laws are made to be followed for keeping peace and order. It is also there to provide for the corresponding punishment or fine in case it gets violated. We already know what the law says about the regulations, now we can proceed to its violations. Here are the following violations under the NYC Sidewalk Law:

  • According to Section 7-210 of the NYC Administrative Code regarding sidewalk violations, owners of real property will be in violation of the law if there is a failure on their part to maintain the sidewalk’s safe condition.
  • Failure of maintaining a safe sidewalk condition stems from the inability of the owner to do the following:
    • Install sidewalk flags
    • Construct sidewalk flag
    • Reconstruct damaged sidewalk
    • Repave the sidewalk
    • Repair defective sidewalk flags
    • Replace damages sidewalk flags
    • Disregarding sidewalk snow
    • Disregarding sidewalk ice
    • Not removing sidewalk dirt
  • If an injury (personal or to property) is caused by the owner’s failure to do his part in maintaining the sidewalk’s safe conditions, then he shall be held liable. He will also be accountable for death proximately caused by negligently failing to keep sidewalk conditions safe.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) of New York City will issue official notices to violators of the Sidewalk Law whenever there is a complaint lodged about your sidewalk, or if there are damages found during the city’s routine inspection. These official notices will require real property owners to repair the damaged part of their sidewalk. The following common violations cited to warrant an official notice are:

  • A collapsed sidewalk
  • Trip hazards
  • Hardware trip hazards
  • Growing tree roots
  • Improper slope
  • Patchwork

The Sidewalk Law was created to help keep the sidewalks of New York City safe from accidents resulting from neglected damages to the concrete paths. It was created in response to the maintenance of the city’s footpaths or sidewalks. A well-maintained sidewalk makes walking a pleasant experience.

Article provided courtesy of SideWalkRepair.NYC.

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